Dr.Kiritkumar R. Chauhan

  • Designation: Teaching Assistant(Adhyapak Sahayak)
  • Qualification: B.A.68.82% M.A.63.75%-B.Ed.85%, M.Ed.76.62%, Ph.D
  • Date of Appointment: 2019-07-10
  • Experience: 15 years
Name : Dr.Kiritkumar R. Chauhan
Date of Birth : 1981-12-12
General Qualification: B.A.68.82% M.A.63.75%
Professional Qualification: B.Ed.85%, M.Ed.76.62%, Ph.D
Year of Experience in Recognized Secondary Senior School: Nil
Teaching Experience in a Elementary Secondary Teacher Education Institution: 15 years
Date of Appointment in this College: 2019-07-10
Mode of Appointment & Date of Selection: Full time under Probation Period 06/06/2019
University Approval Detail: S-1/Approval-87/15123/2019 01/08/2019
Date of Superannuation: 2044-06-14
Pay Scale: FIX PAY 40176