Salient Features

1) Annual Magazine ‘Shrirangam’:-

· Includes creative and quality  writing of  only staff members & trainees  every year.

· Includes the details of all activities of the whole years along with celebrations of different days .

· Includes the photographs of activities and events of the year.

· Includes the oral presentation of the eminent educationists on paper.

2) Worth Hearing  Prayer Assembly :-

· Prayer.

· Bhajan-Gazal-Group song-sugam sangit-lok sangit.

· Thought of the day.

· Book review.

 Current issues

3) Educational Tour :-

· Organizing  Educational Tour every year at different places like - Science city ,Science centres, Sanctuaries , Historical places, Botanical  gardens etc.

4) Co- Curricular Activities :-

· Annual Cultural Programme.

· Book exhibition .

· Different Competitions.

·      · Student Cleaning School Campus and Garden of  medicinal plants

· Yoga pranayam and Vanaspti Darshan ( Medicinal Plant introduction).

· Personality development programmes.

·  Day celebrations like Science Day, Hindi Day, Sanskrit Day etc.

5) Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & Workshops are arranged during the year for School principals/Teachers/ College lecturers/ trainees sponsored by GCERT-
Gandhinagar / DIET / Local Educational Trusts .

6) Guest Lectures :-

· Eminent Educationist are invited to deliver talk on different topics.

7) Celebration of different Days.

· Teachers’ Day ,Guru Purnima ,Raksha bandhan ,

·  National Days

· Sports’ Day

· Gandhi Jayanti ,Raksha bandhan ,Navratri ,Dipawali etc.

· Vivekanand Jayanti, etc.


Every year trainees prepare a current topic based handwritten magazine using the different sources of information along with their creativity .

9) Computer training Provided

The additional computer training program is provided to the trainee before the college hours so that they can make use of the training in their own practice teaching.

10) Combined Organizations  :

·  Sannidhya  & Manav Utkarsh Mandal , they  arrange Guest lecturers ,camps and financial help for the needy staff and students.

· Old students association (OSA) Encourages the trainees for their outstanding performance in University exam with Medals and prizes.